A Hostile Divorce is Inevitable

Every relationship has its differences; opinions can differ widely. Seemingly, no opposing opinion is more poignant when it comes to money – as in, what to do with it or how to spend it. The American public is no different.

We are a nation of poor relations, ESPECIALLY when it comes to money. We live in a society, not upon a deserted island. We socialize with neighbors, fellow students or working peers. We create relationships, all the while unknowingly immersing our lives with those we would call enemy if we knew their political viewpoints. So strong the concept of political money management, we have become a divided nation.

This a story of three factions: the “haves”, the “have-nots” and those who believe the “haves” should share equally with the have-nots. Not too surprising, this latter concept can be taken from the pages defining an idealistic One World Government, that all IN THE WORLD should have the same regardless of their capacity (or desire?) to obtain it.

In a One World Government, there are no rich or poor, in theory. There is no working class. There are only equals, regardless of whether they work or produce. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough resources available so that ALL may be equal. The answer? A One World Government supports that some, perhaps many, must DIE to bring the number of “equals” to a sustainable level. Who gets to choose? Fate (and a little pre-planning by those that would deploy the weapon of human destruction).

Fate, and the weapon utilized to annihilate a quarter to a third of the world population, determines who will survive.

  • Some weapons, such as nuclear (wide scale airborne), has the greatest chance to affect all persons fairly evenly, except for the rich who have already purchased underground residences, or the politicians afforded access to those bunkers in existence so that this country of “equals” can continue.
  • An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) or a tampering with the electrical grid will hurt the industrialized nations most.
  • A chemical or biological weapon (local scale airborne, waterborne or foodborne) is most likely to snuff out the least developed countries who lack the expertise to confront it.
  • An economical collapse will locally kill off those with less retained money and those who aren’t prepared with appropriate amounts of stored food until the depression lifts.
  • Lastly, a monetary collapse (of the U.S. dollar, as some allege) will have the same outcome as a well dispersed nuclear strike in the U.S. except that those in (or with) power will continue to have access to their daily needs, by privilege or force.


Obviously, this wasn’t intended to be an all-inclusive list, nor is it the major theme of this post. It’s an example that there are no equals, regardless of promises or plans.

There will always be various socio-economic classes that permit some to have more than others. For the most part, this is based primarily on drive and determination and less by corruption.

There will always, ALWAYS be those who feel they are entitled to what others have such that they will steal or use force to take what they want. These are your obvious psychopaths, sociopaths and those with an antisocial personality disorder. Try as you may to help these persons, they are a waste product to society.

There will always, ALWAYS be those who have the relative means or capacity to join the lowest of the working class, however little that position may pay, who CHOOSE to be a deadbeat so that others pity them with government social programs. They are quite content with what little they receive free rather than to have to work for it. They rationalize themselves to be fatalists, unable to change who or what they are.

There will always, ALWAYS be those who make the wrong decisions and believe that their compromised state deserves amnesty by the government, also known as, their fellow taxpayers. Whether they finance a higher education that ultimately gets them nowhere, or a house that loses value, far exceeding what they owe. These are the “poor me” who are unable to take responsibility for their actions and are driven to seek financial absolution by the same government who, time after time, takes care of the fatalists. As you can see, this class of persons  are only a small notch higher/better than those beneath them.

There will always, ALWAYS be those who are quite able to do for themselves but feel that they should share. More so, they demand that everyone else adopt their “principle of humanity” by finding ways (politically) to force everyone else to share as well. Their (highly) questionable charity for the lesser in society comes about by unethical and/or immoral means. Whatever good they think they are accomplishing is wiped clean from their slate of godliness by the way they achieve it. They want to believe they are the present day, noble and giving “Robin Hood” except that they take from everyone rather than the rich exclusively.

And then there will always, ALWAYS be those who believe in doing right for themselves and expecting each and every person to equally be accountable for themselves. They are motivated to excel, to the best of their ability or situation, as each person should. They ask for nothing but, likewise, ask that others be equally responsible in the support of themselves, children and family. They recognize that everyone has a choice and should be held to the consequences of those choices. They believe EVERYONE who pays taxes is equally entitled to any taxpayer amenities.

The recent presidential election has created a huge rift in what was once a cohesive society…and I think it should have come sooner! I make no “pretends” by saying that everyone should live in harmony. They shouldn’t! I’m more than tired of the mantra that Americans should take care of their poor or the disadvantaged. Far, FAR too many choose that label. EQUALLY, I’m tired of paying their way through life. I work for me, my family, and the society I live in so that it can function with a modern framework and accessories.

If the “bleeding hearts” want to stand out in our society and believe they are morally better, by all means stand your ground and put some money where your mouth is BUT don’t force me to stand next to you. If you believe so heart-heartedly that the poor and disadvantaged should be taken care of, pool YOUR money and make that difference YOU believe in. Show everyone YOUR decency and how wrong the rest of society is. I’m willing to bet my life you won’t, because you can’t. Your “decency” is superficial at best. You are ALL TALK (but willing to throw a few peanuts into your gallery of have-not dependents in exchange for votes) and NO ACTION. Your “concern for humanity” is NOTHING more than an illusion to ensure you retain power and rule. The Clinton’s know this all too well and you are no better than this bottom sludge that serves as your foundation for principle.

Republicans are tired of being bullied; tired of being ambushed. Mostly, they’re tired of your kind of government always taking from us what WE earn and feel entitled to retain. We are ready to fight back and defend OUR values. No, we don’t pretend to be phony, righteous, pseudo-charitable humanitarians like yourself. We believe everyone has the ability to be self-sustaining except for the louses that want nothing more than to live off of us. Yes, there are some truly poor and disadvantaged that deserve aid but your definition is way too “liberal” and you care not to hold them accountable to change themselves for the betterment of our nation. A TRUE human being will make something of themselves, not sit back and wait for the crippling welfare democrats use to control them with. YOU are responsible for making people the parasites they become, feeding them an easy existence in exchange for their devotion to a party of enablers.

If it’s a civil war you want…

Surely that will drop your numbers if a One World Government is inevitable.

Transgender? Fact, Fad or Fiction

On January 20, 2017, Barack Obama officially departed his 8-year tenure as the most powerful man in political office within the United States. His journey had taken him to unimaginable highs and lows, effecting policies and law for the betterment of (wo)mankind. In those 8 years of grandeur Obama was granted the Nobel Peace prize, (too) early on, for making “extraordinary efforts (read, attempts without actual accomplishments) to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.”

A lone, unknown news reporter approached Obama that fateful last morning and asked him, “What are you going to do now?” Obama replied matter-of-factly, “I’m going to take Michelle to the bathroom of her choice at Disneyland!”

Okay, this never happened but it could have.  One population of apparent g-r-a-v-e concern to Obama, and one he felt the world needed to recognize and patronize, has been the “transgenders.” Transgender is a label applied to “a person whose sense of personal identity and gender does not correspond with their birth sex.” In other words, they are the physical “he’s,” who think they are or want to be, “she’s” and vice versa. Definitions aside, what humanitarian action did Obama single-handedly perform for these lost souls? He allowed them to use the bathroom of their choosing, regardless of what sex they were born into or what genitalia they were physically equipped with. This supreme politician (denoted only by the public majority who voted for him) was so emphatically motivated, he legislated that public bathrooms, for children within schools around his great nation, be relabeled and permitted for transgender use. Those previously assigned, single sex rooms, originally created for the most private of bodily functions involving genital nudity, would now have to submit to an open-door policy for any sex individuals IF those persons personally identified as being more comfortable in that atmosphere. Imagine that boys and girls, the physical female of the two having to share near-immediate space with a boy who thinks he’s happier if he were a girl, forcing a normal person to potentially give up their privacy and decency while in the company of the “less than normal”? Wouldn’t it have just been easier to put a porta potty in the hall and label it for the mentally ill? Make no mistake, they or someone very close to them have decided to take a path less traveled and in doing so, have cast doubts upon who or what they are. As you will read further, they are in fact described by the American Psychiatric Association (APA).

In a world marred by various, simultaneous war conflicts, preceded or potentiated by international terrorism, rendering societies useless and people destitute, how is it that the (then) King of America could only think to help these exceedingly few “disadvantaged”? Some might suggest to you that he did it out of love for his wife, Michael, I mean Michelle ( A man’s love for his “he” who identifies best as a “she,” has no bounds (

But I digress. This isn’t about Michael/Michelle, whomever or whatever he/she/it may be. This is about handing out recognition cards and favoring the imbalanced. You may not like the way that sounds but there is no question that these people need (a lot) more help than society can give them by being forced to give them free rein to use the bathroom, locker room and shower of their freely chosen gender identity rather than their biological sex.

“Gender identity is what the person says it is and a school must treat students consistent with their gender identity [i.e. their internal sense of themselves] even if their education records or identification documents indicate a different sex. Most people assume that being “transgender” is a diagnosable or legal category that one meets by making certain observable changes or being declared such by a medical or psychological professional. This is not the case. One is to be accepted as transgender simply by declaring it so. The transgender person need not show any external confirmation of his claim. If a transgender person wishes to make no outward physical change at all, that is his or her decision that everyone must honor. Any male with ill intent (or not) can enter a woman’s restroom, shower, or changing room and present his naked self under the false auspices of changing his clothes, dropping his pants to tuck in his shirt, shower after a workout, etc. There are many things boys and men will be able to do in the girls’ facilities that cannot be questioned but will be deeply disturbing to the average woman. Many of the world’s leading clinicians working with such children do not refer to them as ‘transgender’ but as gender dysphoric. This is because the best research reveals that 75 to 98 percent of children who at some point identify as the opposite sex return to their biological sex identity at or sometime before the onset of puberty. It is not something they are, but something the overwhelming majority deal with for a period of time in childhood. Leading clinicians working in the Netherlands report the results unequivocally showed that gender dysphoria remitted after puberty in the vast majority of children. Thus, referring to gender dysphoric children as “transgender” is not advised by the best research. This is primarily why the Amsterdam Gender Identity Clinic, one of the largest clinics in Europe treating gender dysphoric children, does not recommend that parents, teachers, or clinicians facilitate pre-adolescent sex transitioning:

Because most gender dysphoric children will not remain gender dysphoric through adolescence, we recommend that young children not yet make a complete social transition (different clothing, a different given name, referring to a boy as ‘her’ instead of ‘him’) before the very early stages of puberty. In making this recommendation, we aim to prevent youths with non-persisting gender dysphoria from having to make a complex change back to the role of the natal gender.

One of the world’s leading pro-gay think tanks puts the total population of transgender adults no higher than 0.3 percent; the percentage of young people is much lower.” For these few, everyone else must jump through hoops? (

The ramifications of the abuses this begs to offer are astounding. This “guidance,” viewed as a violation of the Tenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, was enacted by a Constitutional Law Professor no less. We may have been a superpower at one time but we have quickly become a nation of superfreaks (AND yet to be discovered, sexual deviants), whom the normal have been forced to cater to.

Have you ever heard about the Human Rights Campaign’s Parents for Transgender Equality Council ( Apparently, there’s a “council” for everything these days, this one because “The Obama-era guidance specified not only that transgender children should be allowed to use bathrooms matching their gender identity, but also how schools should navigate questions about which names and pronouns to use and which athletic team a child should be permitted to join.” Fortunately, several states sued and an injunction was issued that currently prevents the federal government from enforcing this ludicracy. That hasn’t stopped some states (who, no doubt, favor Obama) from taking the reins and acting towards Obama’s desired endpoint.

That article alludes to one written by the Washington (yes, THAT Washington) Post, titled “Parents of transgender child: Our magnetic 5-year old is not a threat to anyone” ( “Ellie” was born male but at FOUR (4) years of age, “she let us (HIS parents) know who she truly was.” Presuming you missed that, a FOUR year-old is telling his/her parents who she is and they are going with it!

His/her parents would have you believe that the transgender issue isn’t so much about bathrooms but equality and the lack of discrimination. DISCRIMINATION, as to the “use of facilities based on race, nationality, creed, color, age, sex or sexual orientation” in strictest terms, doesn’t apply.

  1. Their sex is listed on a birth certificate and are being treated according to that state document, not some whim or notion of theirs that pops up for reasons unknown.
  2. Sexual orientation is sexual preference, as in what sex they are attracted to for sexual activity, not which sex they prefer to be.

Oh, and although the parents are an interracial couple with the father being black, I’m sure this had nothing to do with his discussions WITH Obama prior to Obama’s enactment of transgender bathrooms, despite the ill effects his presidency created with regard to racism.

Not far behind Ellie is Avery Jackson, a born male. At FIVE (5) years of age he decided he was really a she, as reported in, you guessed it, the Washington Post, titled “Applause and anger greet 9-year-old transgender girl on January cover of National Geographic”( The article adds that, medically speaking, a psychiatrist at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center states, “in children, gender solidifies at about 3 to 6”. This statement would seem to contradict the American Psychiatric Association (APA) website that states, “medical transition is only relevant at and after the onset of puberty.” I guess that time range for gender solidification isn’t as valid as it was portrayed if the APA doesn’t recommend the disturbed person to medically act (by hormone therapy or sex-change surgery) on their possible indecisiveness for years AFTER that gender identity has solidified.

How about that 17 year-old, Mack Beggs? He’s that “born girl, turned boy” with the help of testosterone treatments, who was profiled with notoriety for winning a wrestling championship. Did her/his testosterone treatments give her/him an unfair advantage over the other GIRLS he wrestled? Had (s)he not been a transgender, would it even have been newsworthy?( You can’t tell me that she, her parents, or influencing friends and contacts aren’t more than just a little f##cked up! A 17 year-old, not having reached the age of legal maturity much less completing puberty, who probably can’t tell you what (s)he wants to do when (s)he grows up, is able to tell you what (s)he wants to be when (s)he grows up? Come on!

Children are far from being considered any kind of an authoritarian, on ANY subject. That comes with real world experience, coupled with knowledge in most cases. Where is their experience or knowledge coming from at pre-puberty stages in life? Children are born with a blank slate. It’s only what they perceive that changes that slate. Who controls that slate? Their parents initially, who will then relent some responsibilities to the other siblings present, only to be joined by acquaintances turned friends outside the family. In all cases, the overseer is the parents so yes, there is a responsible party for the mayhem and it starts with overly indulgent parents (

Before we start to unconditionally accept a child’s wish to be different than who they are, perhaps someone should rule out the childish reasons for that wish. Who were their role model? Did THEY act the part? Was their a sibling, same sex or otherwise that was treated better in the eyes of the child? Are they accepted by their friends for who they are? Are they bullied? What are they running away from, or towards?

Then there are the Caitlyn Jenners of the world.

God forbid what comes out of the closet next!

Cal-Exit? There is a God!

Many to most of the inhabitants of California awakened to a wet dream the day following the U.S. Presidential Election – Donald Trump, a REPUBLICAN, had been elected. So enthralled were they by the 4 year plight to come, half or more of these residents wet their pants (and panties; for those of the female and LGBTQ persuasion). Panic set in. Chaos ensued. “Who will take care of us?”

It’s no secret that California is a putrid blue state, by and large. Their borders house so many (illegal and legal) morally decaying residents, they have been gifted with 55 electoral votes. Sorry to say, they can’t and won’t accept the fact that their Republic, according to their state flag, has fallen under Republican rule at the national level. Rather than to change their symbolic flag, they’ve chosen to excise the Cancer they are from the remaining (relatively) healthy organism – the other contiguous states in the Union. Bravo!

President Trump, you DO NOT hold the honor for sparking the Cal-exit revolution. That apparently goes to Obama, being that this movement was initiated under Obama’s presidential reign, with the poll assertion that H. Clinton would succeed. One misinterpreted succession has given rise to a secession I can only hope will succeed.

For Cal-exit to occur, the “Yes California” movement, chiefly spearheaded by two male life partners who “don’t want to live under the same dysfunctional household anymore.” Really?

Their movement has a post office box headquartered out of disease-infested Fresno (because drug addiction IS a Disease; just as all criminal behavior will be labeled in the very near democratic future). They have to obtain over half a million signatures to bring the topic to the March 2019 Special Election ballot. Once secession does occur, the liberal democrats (is there really any other kind?) can retain $452.8B in annual federal income taxes to pay for their woes, like the Oroville Dam they have already asked federal aid for. How ironic is it to have hotshot California wanting self-determination, to be self-sufficient in their utopianism, and still come crying to daddy for money? Seems like a pretty weak display of a “can do” nation that wants to be left alone!

I propose you Californians utilize your greater-than-thou superior principles to:

  1. become a Sanctuary State of refugees and illegal aliens, from Syria to Mexico to the Middle East. Bring in those 280M new people “knocking at the door and asking for visas” to live in your nation AND support them (so we don’t have to, cuz you’re so much better than the rest of us);
  2. pay your new immigrants, including farm laborers, a starting wage of $20/hour with a complete compensatory package, such as full medical (and whatever you do, don’t forget the mental health), and put the rest of your ex-Union states to shame;
  3. take over all social programs for your citizens, including subsidized housing, food stamps, energy/utilities, medical, education and child-care; the unemployed; the disabled; rehabilitation for your druggies; imprisonment (or will it be hospitalization) for your criminals;
  4. build that wall, to safeguard your citizens from the political infidels that live outside your borders and “to defend ourselves from the rest of this country.”;
  5. continue to pay your pensioners, numbering greater than any other state;
  6. discreetly withdraw from all infrastructure funds you are receiving, such as for high-speed rail;
  7. buy out the federal government for all transportation and energy assets you’ll be taking control over;
  8. weather out your droughts, floods and mud/landslides; fight your Santa Ana-fueled wildfires; and rebuild your earthquake debris fields without bellyaching;
  9. aspirate your wine while we get ours from Oregon and Washington; and
  10. choke on your fruits and vegetables while we get ours from other greenhouses, fertile fields, Florida and Mexico.

When you fail miserably, through a lack of signatures, votes or through incompetent government rule, don’t come whimpering back with your tail between your legs. Be the dog that you are and lie in the bed you’ve created.

“France, Please take Obama. I’ll Pay You!”

According to the MSN news (internet site), “Petition calls on Obama to run for President in France.”

I think the first paragraph in this article sums it up quite well – “Amid a presidential campaign that has been marred by scandal, conspiracy theories and the spectre of a new far-right leader, disillusioned French voters have called for an outsider to join the race: Barack Obama.”


No, Obama hasn’t had ANY MAJOR scandals. He has had, in his words, a (cough, cough) scandal-less presidency.


Conspiracy Theories?

And just for good measure –


Disillusioned French voters? Obama’s tenure in the presidential office certainly created a lot of disillusion; more than any president in MY adult lifetime. I can see why voters already disillusioned would tend to drift towards him.

But alas there is the “so-called” disqualifying statement: “French law requires presidential candidates to be French, which Obama is not.”

Don’t start tearing up just yet. American law has the same criteria for a presidential candidate and Obama was able to steer around that.

For those that might want to dispute the media because it doesn’t favor what they want to believe, here is his own words in a YouTube video where he specifically states he is not American and was not born in Hawaii but Kenya.

Need more physical evidence?


Oh, and by the way U.S., congratulations on achieving a new low point for corruption by faking Obama’s credentials. This greatest governmental fraud was perpetrated on the American public whose ignorance and lack of scruples supported the unscrupulous one.

According to–xJUZ5u9j_x (site displays “URL Not Found” but if you scroll down a little you’ll actually see supporting text), although the U.S. manages to avoid recognition as one of the top 10 most corrupt countries, they ALSO avoid being praised in the top 10 least corrupt countries. ranks the U.S. at 15 (least corrupt countries) in 2015. ranks the U.S. at 18 in 2016., which references their statistics from, states that the U.S. dropped 2 points from the 2015 ranking.



Oh, and Antoine, the Frenchman in the article who was inspired by Obama’s “enthusiasm”, you only know what you read in the newspapers/online news services or saw in news reports comprised mostly by mainstream media outlets who slant their “Kool-Aid” to favor their chosen one.

By the way, France is the 23rd least corrupt country, behind Estonia and Uruguay (who are more reputable). That explains a lot.

France, allow me to introduce to you, your next president, BARACK OBAMA SOETORO, America’s leading fraud (