Straight Talk 9-1-1 is about the harsh reality we live in…and some would say, need help from. Not, as in, getting help from society but rather, getting help to save us from society. And let’s keep this idealism as simple as possible – society means government more times than not. Federal government. State government. County, city or other local government as well.

Look, I get it! Many people don’t watch/read the news because it’s all (or mostly) negative. Of those that do, many may not have come to realize that they do so, in part, because it isn’t really their reality but more of a parallel, pseudo existence that rarely (if ever) touches them.

Some if not many non-watchers/readers don’t believe the media is as fact-based as they should be. For a media outlet to be on top they have to be better than the next guy. That may translate into getting the story out there faster, with a decided slant towards the audience they believe they are catering to. Regardless of what they report on or what “position” they take in their reporting, most of the media are terribly one-sided more times than not. Their drivetrain lacks a neutral gear and therefore they can’t report objectively. That either works for you, if you were personally aligned with their viewpoints and overall beliefs, or it works against you.

If it works for you, you are as much of the problem as they are. You have been spoon-fed for so long, you’re now asking for the Kool-Aid. Like the news services, you have lost all sense of objectivity. Your brainwashing now nearly complete, your only recourse is a lobotomy. I’d love to help you out there but you’re not worth my time.

I don’t claim to be objective. My goal isn’t to present both sides of the story in hopes that a well-informed audience can reason an acceptable outcome. It’s too late for that and I’ve drawn sides. This is war! My weapon of choice? Words.

Make no mistake, I’m not your polite pushover. When the time comes, and I see it on the distant horizon, I’m more than ready to meet the enemy face-to-face. Civility has no place in war – I’ll quickly adapt to play by their rules, however low they want to take it. When words turn to violence, as they already have at times, you’d better have more than just your guard up. I may not strike first but I will strike last.