A Hostile Divorce is Inevitable

Every relationship has its differences; opinions can differ widely. Seemingly, no opposing opinion is more poignant when it comes to money – as in, what to do with it or how to spend it. The American public is no different.

We are a nation of poor relations, ESPECIALLY when it comes to money. We live in a society, not upon a deserted island. We socialize with neighbors, fellow students or working peers. We create relationships, all the while unknowingly immersing our lives with those we would call enemy if we knew their political viewpoints. So strong the concept of political money management, we have become a divided nation.

This a story of three factions: the “haves”, the “have-nots” and those who believe the “haves” should share equally with the have-nots. Not too surprising, this latter concept can be taken from the pages defining an idealistic One World Government, that all IN THE WORLD should have the same regardless of their capacity (or desire?) to obtain it.

In a One World Government, there are no rich or poor, in theory. There is no working class. There are only equals, regardless of whether they work or produce. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough resources available so that ALL may be equal. The answer? A One World Government supports that some, perhaps many, must DIE to bring the number of “equals” to a sustainable level. Who gets to choose? Fate (and a little pre-planning by those that would deploy the weapon of human destruction).

Fate, and the weapon utilized to annihilate a quarter to a third of the world population, determines who will survive.

  • Some weapons, such as nuclear (wide scale airborne), has the greatest chance to affect all persons fairly evenly, except for the rich who have already purchased underground residences, or the politicians afforded access to those bunkers in existence so that this country of “equals” can continue.
  • An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) or a tampering with the electrical grid will hurt the industrialized nations most.
  • A chemical or biological weapon (local scale airborne, waterborne or foodborne) is most likely to snuff out the least developed countries who lack the expertise to confront it.
  • An economical collapse will locally kill off those with less retained money and those who aren’t prepared with appropriate amounts of stored food until the depression lifts.
  • Lastly, a monetary collapse (of the U.S. dollar, as some allege) will have the same outcome as a well dispersed nuclear strike in the U.S. except that those in (or with) power will continue to have access to their daily needs, by privilege or force.


Obviously, this wasn’t intended to be an all-inclusive list, nor is it the major theme of this post. It’s an example that there are no equals, regardless of promises or plans.

There will always be various socio-economic classes that permit some to have more than others. For the most part, this is based primarily on drive and determination and less by corruption.

There will always, ALWAYS be those who feel they are entitled to what others have such that they will steal or use force to take what they want. These are your obvious psychopaths, sociopaths and those with an antisocial personality disorder. Try as you may to help these persons, they are a waste product to society.

There will always, ALWAYS be those who have the relative means or capacity to join the lowest of the working class, however little that position may pay, who CHOOSE to be a deadbeat so that others pity them with government social programs. They are quite content with what little they receive free rather than to have to work for it. They rationalize themselves to be fatalists, unable to change who or what they are.

There will always, ALWAYS be those who make the wrong decisions and believe that their compromised state deserves amnesty by the government, also known as, their fellow taxpayers. Whether they finance a higher education that ultimately gets them nowhere, or a house that loses value, far exceeding what they owe. These are the “poor me” who are unable to take responsibility for their actions and are driven to seek financial absolution by the same government who, time after time, takes care of the fatalists. As you can see, this class of persons  are only a small notch higher/better than those beneath them.

There will always, ALWAYS be those who are quite able to do for themselves but feel that they should share. More so, they demand that everyone else adopt their “principle of humanity” by finding ways (politically) to force everyone else to share as well. Their (highly) questionable charity for the lesser in society comes about by unethical and/or immoral means. Whatever good they think they are accomplishing is wiped clean from their slate of godliness by the way they achieve it. They want to believe they are the present day, noble and giving “Robin Hood” except that they take from everyone rather than the rich exclusively.

And then there will always, ALWAYS be those who believe in doing right for themselves and expecting each and every person to equally be accountable for themselves. They are motivated to excel, to the best of their ability or situation, as each person should. They ask for nothing but, likewise, ask that others be equally responsible in the support of themselves, children and family. They recognize that everyone has a choice and should be held to the consequences of those choices. They believe EVERYONE who pays taxes is equally entitled to any taxpayer amenities.

The recent presidential election has created a huge rift in what was once a cohesive society…and I think it should have come sooner! I make no “pretends” by saying that everyone should live in harmony. They shouldn’t! I’m more than tired of the mantra that Americans should take care of their poor or the disadvantaged. Far, FAR too many choose that label. EQUALLY, I’m tired of paying their way through life. I work for me, my family, and the society I live in so that it can function with a modern framework and accessories.

If the “bleeding hearts” want to stand out in our society and believe they are morally better, by all means stand your ground and put some money where your mouth is BUT don’t force me to stand next to you. If you believe so heart-heartedly that the poor and disadvantaged should be taken care of, pool YOUR money and make that difference YOU believe in. Show everyone YOUR decency and how wrong the rest of society is. I’m willing to bet my life you won’t, because you can’t. Your “decency” is superficial at best. You are ALL TALK (but willing to throw a few peanuts into your gallery of have-not dependents in exchange for votes) and NO ACTION. Your “concern for humanity” is NOTHING more than an illusion to ensure you retain power and rule. The Clinton’s know this all too well and you are no better than this bottom sludge that serves as your foundation for principle.

Republicans are tired of being bullied; tired of being ambushed. Mostly, they’re tired of your kind of government always taking from us what WE earn and feel entitled to retain. We are ready to fight back and defend OUR values. No, we don’t pretend to be phony, righteous, pseudo-charitable humanitarians like yourself. We believe everyone has the ability to be self-sustaining except for the louses that want nothing more than to live off of us. Yes, there are some truly poor and disadvantaged that deserve aid but your definition is way too “liberal” and you care not to hold them accountable to change themselves for the betterment of our nation. A TRUE human being will make something of themselves, not sit back and wait for the crippling welfare democrats use to control them with. YOU are responsible for making people the parasites they become, feeding them an easy existence in exchange for their devotion to a party of enablers.

If it’s a civil war you want…

Surely that will drop your numbers if a One World Government is inevitable.